Roy Braswell was my dear friend, he owned Electrical Surplus Of Texas Inc. He was was one of the few people who gave me a hand during my dark time of homelessness. He is was what we call a mensch. He passed away in his sleep, last night just past 6 pm. Roy increased my lexicon by adding moeron, it is like a moron on steroids. Like the time when a guy came into the shop and asked for a breaker:

(Roy) How can we help you?

(customer) I need a circuit breaker.

(Roy) Do you know the size and manufacture?

(customer) No.

(Roy) Do you have a picture?

(customer) No. (he leaves)

(me) LOL, that's funny. He is going to get himself killed.  Do you get many like that?

(Roy) Yup! Cris that is what we call a Moeron!

Roy had been fighting several types of cancer for the last 5 or 6 years. Roy was a Great Grandfather, with a large extended family. He liked Willy Nelson's Angles flying to close to the ground.


Roy here's to you!
Have a good trip!
Maybe one day we will meet up again.

Cris H.