I published this last year so this is so important I decided to turn it into a TECH TIP and expand on it a little.

When building a Linux system I use a separate physical drive which I have installed my software into. I never, well almost never have to reload eclipse and other major software that is put into my /home/harrison directory.

I have a second physical drive that I have mounted at  /mnt/MyData on this drive I have a few top-level directories. I will talk for a minute about both. the first is public


File SystemIt holds
/mnt/MyData/homeThis directory holds all account home directories
mnt/MyData/home/harrisonThis is MY HOME directory
/mnt/MyData/publicThis directory has a bunch of directories in it and is shared via NFS
/mnt/MyData/exportis my website backups as the server root is /export/home/<project name>public_html/...
/mnt/MyData/ISOThis is my online repo for all of the distros that I use or have used.
/mnt/TV/1This is my Movie Backup (lots)
mnt/TV/2This is my TV Series Backup. (lots)


So now I have to make this my real home directory.


harrison@whirlwind:~$ su
root@whirlwind:# mv home _home
root@whirlwind:# ln -s /mnt/MyData/export/home home