Well, I finely sort of moved into my new digs. And I have nice blank space to install my lab, and office desk in one room with out all the junk, as I now have a garage where I will keep my shop for construction. Having the shop will keep all the drills, grinder, sander, Band Saw, and Drill Press out of my Lab!


As you see all I up in the office so far in the desktops which are hollow-core doors, my tool box, and my network infrastructure. Unfortunately I have to subscribe to the bandits of AT&T for 100Mbs for more money that I had with Charter Communications with a 200Mbs link.

The Plan:

  • Only bring up one thing at a time.
  • If I can't use it leave it in the workshop or toss it!
  • Install shelving above the desks.
  • There are two computers one on each desk.
  • There are two Cisco VIOP phones one on each desk.
  • The four desk pedestals and draws will be steam cleaned to get rid of any bugs.
  • The RAID with the external SAS disk array.
  • The components and instrumentation for the simulator.
  • The components for Arduino, Ti Launchpads, and other dev-kits and components.
  • The only "AcroMills blue bins" that have components will come up. The mechanical bins will be setup in the workroom.
  • And of course the test equipment.