Well, the last attempt of making a circuit board was an utter disaster.

Figure 1Figure 2

Attempt number 2. I went over to my local library which has a small maker space where they walked me through Tinkercad. My goal was to use their 3D printer to print an artifact so I could test for fit.  Below you can see the nice pink artifact1 and installed without screws2. The artifact was very close and only required minimal sanding.

For my next trick, I will trace the outside of the artifact on some FR-4 and then trim and sand to size. If you remember there are four screw mounts one on either side and two more, one on either side of the slot where the wire passes through.

Holy Schnikes!!! I did it!! Still, a long way to go. I have cut slots for the 4 mounting screws, wire, etc.