Since you all know by now I have moved into AT&T Land. It was not nice their router was which normally is my base network. I placed a  Netgear N600 Gigabit router between my computer and the AT&T router (modem).   So instead I change my machine  Whirlwind to and my network went down. AT&T dude said it could not be done. After following down a rabbit hole I called my buddy Josh, as he explained it I was in what is known as MAC hell. Since two MAC addresses cannot connect to each other, as you can only connect at the IP Layer.  I should have known this as I use a FreeBSD based firewall called pf. Now, this firewall has a mode called Transparent, that is there are NO IP-ADDRESSES on the Box! Now back to basics computers can only connect to each other over ethernet via IP-address, you cant connect to the MAC-address! Pf is very fast and you can add IP-address to your black-list without restarting (get the info from the Apache  Web Server, GET or PUSH plus a little filtering)!  So this is what we did to resolve the issues.

Local Network on Netgear RouterLocal Network on Att RouterAT&T Network Side
Destination Address:
DHCPNA.10 to .65NA

This is only a small fraction of my network when it is built out as well as another router and switch for the Nexgen RSS network as well as the NavBus, and others but not now.


I hope this will help someone.