Well, this update has been more than a few days in coming, as I have been in network hell. I have made good progress, and I am working on programming currently. This was the first time I used a Polyprinter at my local library.  The Tinkercad and the Polyprinters work-beds were not the same sizes. The first panel with the pictures I lost and the second attempt was better.

Second Attempt

Maybe on the third try, I'll get it right.  I wish that there was a program that was better then Tinkercad,  as it as a lot of problems, especially when it comes to dimensions. Oh, you fix one problem then another one pops up. Now I cant mount my phone to my Computer (Debian 9) Now I just want to cry.

After Tinkercad to have to slice it to produce the stl file. Then the file goes to the Polyprinter. I'm sorry for the crappy pictures but I was shooting through the plexiglass cover.


First Attempt

Now all I have to do is mount BB AI, LED and Switch/Leds to the panel and I can start working.


My switch plate came from a dead coffeemaker, I think there is a joke in their somewhere,  a RED, GREEN and AMBER LEDs with a push switch that is illuminated by the amber LED. Please on the bottom picture you will see a plastic spacer, this does two things 1) prevents the board from shorting out against my stainless hardware. 2) adequate ventilation for the BB AI.  Not shown is a 4-40 plastic nut on top, again see # 1.

Also on attempt number 3, I plan to use inserts, which means that I will have to add boxes to the bottom where my screw holes should be. Then by using a heating element then push the inserts into the ABS. That will eliminate any screws on the top sided of the plate.