As much as l like Debian 9.x, I hate this jury-rigged Cloud 9 Interface. Just getting the BB AI on my network (static IP address) was a chore and way too many steps!

This took many hours of trial, blind alleys, and miss-steps, As there is NO network icon on the desktop or trays. So for those of you that want to follow in my footsteps, here we go:

    1. Click on the Red Menu button in the lower-left
    2. Click on Preferences
    3. Click on Connman UI
    4. Click on Config  button at the bottom right (you might miss it)
    5. Click on Nameserver (I use Google's
    6. Click on Methode and choose MANUAL
    7. Click on Address, mine is
    8. Click on Gateway, mine is
    9. Click on Netmask, mine is
    10. Click on OK your done!

This took 10 steps as in a normal desktop its

    1. Left Click on Network icon
    2. Click Network Settings
    3. Click on the wrench icon
    4. Click on IPv4
    5. EDIT!!


Next time I will install the Xfce window manager and do some real work