Well, the power and the cables are getting under my skin. So being in Dallas, I stopped at Tanners Electronics, and I solved my cooling issues and power which now includes a 12vdc fan. So this is what I picked up today.

  1. A Pace AC Adapter 115AC to 12vdc @ 3amps.
  2. A female DC jack to plug the power supply into. 
  3. A DC fan model: FFB0812EHE 12vdc @ 1.35 amps
  4. A DC to DC converter. (Adjustable)
  5. A USB A Breakout board
  6. This is all going is a small plastic box, as I am tired of the balancing act.
  7. I'm going to mount a female on the side for my USB Camera and Mouse which will plug into a Dell keyboard with a built-in USB two-port hub.

Adding these components should only add about an hour or so to my build time. And it will take over an hour to print the new front panel.