Monthly Projects II: 2020 - 2021
1/25/20/20Acoustics CompetitionSep 21, 2020 Sensors Competition: Design, Control System
1/25/2020Nexgen: FAA Nav Aid Station Morse Code IdSep 25, 2020Smarthab smart thermostat
2/03/2020Slant Range Math - RevisitedSep 28, 2020Better name Life Support: Monitor and Control.
2/09/2020Design OverviewOct 12, 2020Recycle & Retrofit
Software DesignSept 22, 2020NexGen: Fuel Load Indicator: Pinouts Redux
4/5/2020Morse Code SoftwareOct 14, 2020NexGen: Fuel Load Indicator: Architecture
3/17/2020Restoration & RepairOct 24, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Redux v2
3/24/2020Repair My BK 3010Nov 2, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Switches on Interrupts!
3/12/2020BK3010 OverhaulNov 4, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Testing The Display
3/14/2020BK3010 RepairNov 15, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Wire & Power-up: 1
3/29/2020BK3010 Resurrection!Nov 18, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Wire & Power-up: 2
4/3/2020BK3010 VideoNov 25, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Wire & Power-up: 3
Dec 15, 2030NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Software Problems
Dec 21, 2020NexGen: Fuel Indicator: Aftermath & Videos
Dec 22, 2020Holiday Special 20
Dec 22, 2020

Merry Xmas or Happy Hunnukah 2020

Monthly Projects II: 2021
Feb 8, 2021Arduino Day 2021: Arduino Day Project Competition!
Feb 8, 2021Getting Fuel Load Meter Software under control
Feb 12, 2021Fuel Load Meter: New Plan of attack
Jun 15, 2021DIY Test Instrumentation
Jun 20, 2021Automated Cable Tester i
Jun 23,2021Automated Cable Tester ii
Jun 27, 2021Automated Cable Tester iii
Jun 30, 2021Automated Cable Tester iv
Jul 1, 2021Automated Cable Tester v
Jul 2, 2021Automated Cable Tester vi (shifting gears)
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