Well, pigs fly! And I straightened both the back panel and the front panel. But alas I have miss laid the finished front trim panel. 

So I'm going to resemble it without the outer front panel, and then do it all over again when I find the damn outer panel. So here goes. All of the labels have been lost strayed or stolen.  So this will be done in the blind! And of course, there will be lots of pictures. The ammeter works, but it will need a new scale, about 20 to 40 bucks and a new jewel cover which will be part printed (the surround, and plexiglass for the window). I have misplaced the black insulated binding post so green will sub for the black. Not only is the binding post MIA but all of the nuts bolts and screws. (I hope they are in one of my little pill bottles but I have no idea where they are.


Front Panel After

Wire, Wire Every Whare

As shown in the second photo you see the repaired backplate, thanks to a press at my Makerspace.  I found a schematic for an LP-534-FM and instructions for an LP-520-FM which contains troubleshooting info as well.  I also found the LP series instruction guide. Now, why is this so important? Well, the entire LP series basically uses the same schematic and parts.   My Irish Luck is still with me!