Ok I'm back at it repairing stuff, the inner and outer front panels have been pressed and pounded on and then the aluminum outer panel got some new gray paint.  I have also replaced the cheap binding posts in favor of some surplus Pamona posts.

The meter is another long story. My meter was a 188111LCLC made by GE. As it turns out Yokogawa purchased them and then sold them to WEI. They also have manufacture  AB/DB Switchboard meters, Simpson and Yokogawa as well as Beede, Crompton, Modutec, Texmate, and Triplett.

What they told me about my 188111LCLC was 100mv Left to Right. They also informed me that a GE 250100LCLC was the new number.

When I told them that I found a 188122GBVJ1 which in fact is 100-0-100mv with a scale of 3-0-3KA which will work fine but only the right side.

W.E.I has great tech support and don't mind chatting.  below see the new panel with the meters installed.




Please note the crimp lugs on the binding post the last time they where soldered! :{