It seems like the best intentions go by the wayside. If there was not enough turmoil in my life my hosting company whose tech support is based in the UK is the worst.  So I have decided to bring the server back home. I now only have till the end of June 2020, which leaves me about 15 days

With short on time and working video cards, my friend Steve is to put them on one or two Rasberry Pie 4, with a SATA drive to hold the OS.

The current server is running Apache (Web Server), Perl, and MySQL + phpMyadmin with PHP. The question is will one P4 handle the load?

So we might spilt the services between two P, where one runs Apache + Perl and the other runs MySQL + Perl.

So why am I calling this Revolution 3? Well, last year I wrote: Only bring up one thing at a time, If I can't use it leave it in the workshop or toss it!

I currently can't even get to my workbench,  and my desk will I can only get to the keyboard, thank the world for roller-mice. I know I have a problem, I just can't toss stuff in the trash or recycle bins.



. I think good intentions are wonderful. But the real world sucks! There is a double door closet which I want to put another shelf in. You will notice that I have projects even on my desk. One of the good things that came out of this is I just finished sorting my Digital ICs. in my vintage Akro-Mils Blue Bin Box. The box has 5 columns and 10 rows. I have labeled them with my

P-touch printer. On  the top shelf above my workbench are my ongoing projects:

  • CDI ARN-30/ID-453D
  • VSI
  • CP-1252/ASN-128
  • Fuel Load Indicator
  • RMI  6CE
  • Joystick, High Rev Simulations,  F-18E
  • Boeing Rudder Pedals (on hold as I need a machine shop )
  • Modifying the Suncom Dual Throttle Quadrant
  • Radio Set, ADF, Collins 614L-8
  • Radio Set: C-3436A/ARN-30D ( new interface )

LOL I think this might be a few too many.

~~ Cris