This project is well overdue as I started it over 2 years ago. If you remember the power cord set was unobtainium, and they had just soldered in a cable and tied a knot in it and called it a day.  So I decided to mount an STD IEC power connector on the back of the shell. Since there was already a hole for the old connector, this seemed to be a good place to start. But the new connector is bigger (top to bottom) than the old one.

So in came Mr. Dremel. After a lot of sanding it fit in, but it's not pretty. Since the new connector is bigger I will have to remove the tab on the power supply as well. I will attach leads of about 1 foot in length so I can pull out the power supply and PCB and work on the insides. The ground lug will be permanently affixed to power supply chassis. TBD,  (need to pick one up first) I will install a Molex connector between the connector and the power supply module.