NexGen: Component Documentation
Doppler Navigation Display Unit: ASN-1252/ASN-128
Note: As this unit has been gutted I will have to do all the work.
You can find a user manual here TM-1-1520-240-10 or you can find a nice pdf version here the unit is described in Section 3.3.11
Plan: 2 ardunios
  1. For the display and CANaerospace interface. The display is not LED-powered but incandescent bulbs.
    Since there are 13 7-segment displays and an additional 4 16-segment displays.  I can most likely use 2 3: 7 segment decoders as of TTL loads
    I going to use Tri-State Buffers driven by PCM to control brightness.
  2. For the keyboard and all the switches under interupt control.