I am calling this Life Support: Monitor and Control. Why you ask? This is a complete system that can control heating or cooling without changing settings. run the fan automatically for air quality and also handle a dehumidifier as well as detection  for smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.

To  show what's going on I will have the following connected to the Arduino:

  • 4x20 LED LCD I2C display
  • 4x4 keyboard using interrupts and not the library. (4 input OR gate and a Schmitt Trigger.)
  • Communications.

Other sensors could be attached to the system as well ie. I fire detection could close the vents and turn off the AC, Radon detector, water level (sump pump), and many, many others.

Included items are:

  • Red LED To show HEAT
  • Green LED to show Cooling
  • Case Fan to show the fan is running. the fan will run when the demand for heat or cooling, it will also run by using the air quality calculation
  • Red Led to show the Dehumidifier running




ach | air changes per hour: Air flow in volume units per hour divided by the volume of the space.