This unit is most likely made by YIHUA.  The 853D is broken down into three functional blocks.

  1. SMD Rework Wand. This has a digital temperature control and has interchangeable tips.
  2. Solder Station Wand. This has a digital temperature control and it is removable via a 5-pin Din Plug. (I intend to buy a solder removal gun with vacuum)
  3. Power Supply (0-15vdc) with Digital Voltage Readout but set with a potentiometer. It also has an analog current meter.
  4. The Test Switch has two positions:
    1. The Test position is a  misnomer as in the Test position you can now use it as a DVM (volts only).
    2. Normal Power Supply output.




Pinouts on ProsKit 33-331 Gun

between pins

1 & 2

500 ohms @
  room temp.

Heating Element

3 & 4

25 ohms @

  room temp.


5 & 6

0 ohms

Trigger ON

Shaking Gun

7 & 2

0 ohms

Shaking Gun





Armed with this info it looks like the adapter will be cake.


I will also relocate the main power switch from the rear to the front.


Coupler for Gun to 853D Description
853DSS-332Adapter / Stand
Thermocouple +11n/a
Thermocouple -22



Solid State Relay

Heater Pass through


Triggers SS relay

normal relay for Vacuum.

Shaking7turn on/off SS Relay








Note the picture of the ProsKit Gun and the Rework Station are images from the net.