I have been working on my C-3436A radio for quite a while after it worked I took it apart to install it in its new home and I could never get the damn thing to work again.  So with way too much time on my hands, I decided to ring out the damn cable once and for all.  Now I can report the job is done. KiCad helped me see my mistakes. This cable is really two cables each terminated with DB-25Ms at one end and ARC connectors at the other. One cable was just DB-25M to a 19 pin ARC connector. The other cable also is terminated at one end with the DB-25M but on the other end, there are two (2) eight-pin ARC connectors. The problem I have had with my cable was of my own making. Instead of wiring the DB-35 as top row 1 to 13, and lower row 14 to 25. I wired them in a zig-zag pattern ie 1, 14, 2, 15, 3, 16, etc.

I hope nobody notices the typo in the schematic. In the title block, I referred to this as a C-3236, and that 2 should have been a 4. I'm going to fix my Documentation but probably not going to update it here.  ~~Cris