1. Ok, First Remove the Three (3) Knobs.
  2. Next, Remove the Filter lens which has six (6) Allen screws (in Red).
  3. Now remove the five (5) screws (in Green) from the light plate itself.
  4. Next Insert s plastic kitchen knife and very gently pry the plate off as there is a power connector built-in.
  5. Now using a 9/16" nut driver remove the two rotary switches nuts, push them through and replace the hardware so you don't lose them. Also use a 9/8" nut driver to loosen the dimmer nut.
  6. Next, there are 4 screws holding in the two thumbwheel switch assemblies. And of course, reinsert the screws.
  7. Remove fourteen (14) keycaps that just pull off. STOP1 as you need a special wrench to remove the switches.
  8. Remove the Relay by turning the unit over and you will see two (2) 3/16" nuts, remove them with a deep 1/4" drive and extension.
  9. So now let's remove the display assembly.
  10. Remove the PinLites from the display assembly.
  11. There are six screws (6), four (4) just below the main display, there are three displays below you will find one (1) screw and one more 1.75" to the right. There are two (2) more on the top. At this time the display assembly;y will come out with a little luck. Remember to put the screws back in the hole
  12. Find the W6P8 connector, which goes to the relay cut the following wires, two Whites, Brown, Black and the White with the Gray Stripe wire which goes to the panel power connector.


  1. The Keyboard Switches part number. S180-11D5F4 were made by Clare/Pendar sold now by Electro-Mech Components. The wrench that you need is basically a tube that slipes over the switch and has two points ground in. to engage the nut.
  2. When cutting wire make sure you cut as far from the connectors as posisble.
  3. The photo on the right is with the switches removed... DO NOT REMOVE THEM!! See note 1.