So some of you may have noticed my status update from last week confessing my weakness when it comes to purchasing test equipment Well that purchase was a Keysight  U1733CU1733C LCR meter and I have been after one of these for quite some time I've looked at all sorts of options for an LCR meter from the cheaper Peak Altas LCR and ESR widgets to more expensive Rohde Schwarz bench LCR meters In the end I settled for a hand held LCR meter from Keysight I already have the Keysight  U1272AU1272A multimeter and the  MSOX3054AMSOX3054A oscilloscope both of which I am please with so for me going for the Keysight unit was a fairly easy choice


So today a parcel arrived by UPS and I was a little surprised as the delivery estimate on the unit was between the 14th and the 18th of February so getting it today was a pleasant surprise. I updated my previous status to announce its arrival but jancumps insisted that without photographic proof it wasn't going to be accepted, so here I am boring you all with an unboxing blog


Here it is in its box.....

IMG_0854 copy.jpg


The unit itself feels quite well made, comes with a set of short leads with crocodile clips, a 9V battery (I've already inserted it at the point!), a quick start manual, an addendum to the manual and finally the calibration certificate.


IMG_0855 copy.jpg


To make sure everything was working as expected I grabbed a capacitor from the cheap box of assorted caps I bought from Amazon recently. It's a 470nF electrolytic capacitor.


IMG_0859 copy.jpg


As you can see it's pretty close to it's specified capacitance. I then flipped the meter into ESR mode...


IMG_0863 copy.jpg


The result is 9.1 ohms. I didn't know what to expect for these parts, that's probably about right as they are very cheap parts. I'll dig out some better specced parts and will try and do a more thorough look at this meter at some point. For now this will suffice as this was just meant to be a quick unboxing.


Thanks for reading!