I was inspired by a blog post by clem57 Maix Bit Risc V to get a Sipeed Maixduino.  I had seen a number of different Maix AI kits in the Seeed Studio store but hadn't gotten around to trying one out.  There are four K210 RISC-V development boards (Dock, Bit, Go, and Maixduino).  The Bit board that Clem got appears to be the smallest size ~1x2 inches. There are currently an old version and new version of this board available; the new version has a MEMS microphone.  Seeed apparently cannot guarantee which version of the Bit you will get when you order, so I decided to go with the Maixduino which has the MEMS microphone plus an audio amp for speaker output and also an ESP32 for WiFi and Bluetooth in an Arduino form factor.  I ordered the kit which includes a 2.4 inch TFT Display and an OV2640 camera module.



Seeed Studio Sipeed Maixduino kit


Sipeed Maixduino Interfaces


The Maixduino can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, or MaixPy (microPython variant).  As soon as I get my kit I'll try some GPIO and face detection examples.