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Makevember Care Package

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Nov 21, 2019
Just received a surprise care package from E14, I think in response to my Makevember posts. Thanks tariq.ahmad  for the great bit of kit !!   A couple of interesting items that I'll need to figure out how to use in a future project:  a slim E14 2600mAh 5V power pack and the Molex antenna sample kit.     There were some other goodies - my wife has been coveting my E14 Blue Man, so she decided that this new one was hers......   One idea I have for the WiFi and ...

Pynq on Ultra96v2

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Nov 9, 2019
I guess I'm easily distracted.  I've been struggling a bit trying to formulate a plan to accomplish my project for Path II Programmable and in my searching I saw that a new V2.5 Pynq image for the Ultra96v2 was just released: .  Since I've used Pynq on the Pynq-Z2: PYNQ-Z2 Dev Board: Python Productivity for Zynq® - Review , I decided that it might be a nice diversion to try it out on th ...
Earlier this year I got a low cost CNC router to complement my 3D printing capabilty.  The Genmitsu 3018 Pro is a great low cost router with a working volume of 300mm x 180mm x45mm and it also has the option on its controller board to use a PWM output to control a laser module (actually has 2 connector ports).  The diameter of the spindle clamp would allow it to use common 30mm x 30mm laser modules without any modification.  So, with the addition of a laser module and LaserGRBL so ...

NVR Died

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Nov 2, 2019
The NVR that I use to store my ip surveillance camera video just died.  it has been running continuously for 14 months.  My experience with electronic equipment that runs 24/7 is that things tend to die in the 3-5 year timeframe.  Usually it's the power supply, especially if it's a wall wart.  Or with NVRs, DVRs, or network storage, it is usually a disk drive.  The unit is an Amcrest NV4108-HS 8-channel HD NVR.   I noticed that the unit was not functioning when I t ...