Earlier this year I got a low cost CNC router to complement my 3D printing capabilty.  The Genmitsu 3018 Pro is a great low cost router with a working volume of 300mm x 180mm x45mm and it also has the option on its controller board to use a PWM output to control a laser module (actually has 2 connector ports).  The diameter of the spindle clamp would allow it to use common 30mm x 30mm laser modules without any modification.  So, with the addition of a laser module and LaserGRBL software I could do laser engraving and cutting,  I'm thinking that will be my Christmas present from Santa this year.

Genmitsu 3018 Laser


I had an exchange of messages with shabaz and Fred27  about laser safety and decided that before I get my laser module that I should get some safety equipment.  Here's what I decided to get.


Safety Equipment

  1. Protective eyewear
  2. Fire extinguisher
  3. Remote monitor


Protective eyewear

I took Shabaz's recommendation and got the LS02 Safety Glasses from Edmund Optical.  I am going to get a laser in the 450 - 500nm range and these glasses are rated with an Optical Density >7 @ 180 - 532nm.


This particular model fits over my prescription glasses.  I like that the working range is marked on the front of the lens.

LS02 Laser Glasses

LS02 Range Marking

Wearing Laser Glasses

Link:  https://www.edmundoptics.com/p/arg-lasershield-safety-glasses/41399/



Fire extinguisher

I'm still looking for a small CO2 extinguisher because the dry chemical ones make too much of a mess.  I'll probably need to find an industrial supplier.



Remote monitor

I decided to mount a Pan/Tilt IP camera on the ceiling so that I could monitor the laser from the adjacent room on a computer or mobile device.  The pan and tilt capability also lets me monitor other activity in the workroom like when I am using the 3D printer.  I put presets in the camera for a wide view and also zoomed in views of the CNC router and the 3D printer.

Pan/Tilt IP Camera

A short video showing the preset views:




Warning light?

The other feature that I've considered is a warning light outside the door of the workroom to indicate that the laser is in operation.  That may be overkill for a home setup