Just received a surprise care package from E14, I think in response to my Makevember posts. Thanks tariq.ahmad  for the great bit of kit !!


A couple of interesting items that I'll need to figure out how to use in a future project:  a slim E14 2600mAh 5V power pack and the Molex antenna sample kit.


2600mAh 5V power bank

Molex antenna sample kit


There were some other goodies - my wife has been coveting my E14 Blue Man, so she decided that this new one was hers......


One idea I have for the WiFi and GNSS antennas is to re-implement a project that I did on Hackster earlier this year - a Portable Solar Powered Surveillance System https://www.hackster.io/Ralphjy/portable-solar-powered-surveillance-system-9bf590 .  That project ended up being quite a beast and I was not happy that I could not get much pan capability because of the way I built it.  I think that with the new smaller intelligent camera boards that I could get everything except the power mounted on the pan/tilt head.  If I ran the power through a slip ring then I could actually have unconstrained panning.  I might have to custom print the pan/tilt assembly but the existing servos would probably work and I would omit the LCD and do everything on phone or tablet via WiFi or Bluetooth.  Maybe something for a future Project14......

Portable Surveillance Camera


Here are a couple of videos from the project that show how much I constrained the panning and demonstrating the LCD display.