I just received a large box from Element14/Newark with my PIIP Graduation Awards.  Thanks danzima and rscasny !

PIIP Graduation Awards Shipping Box


Inside there was a Weller WE1010 Soldering Station and a Fluke 233 True-rms Remote Display Digital Multimeter.

PIIP Graduation Awards


The graduation awards are a great plus to what was a very useful and satisfying FPGA training course using the Ultra96v2 board. I've been looking for a replacement for my trusty old Weller WTCPN soldering station that I've used for about 20 years.  That's the model that uses magnetic tips for temperature control.  Looking forward to giving the WE 1010 a try.  You can tell the age of my existing iron from the discoloration of the cord and base unit.  Now I can change temps without changing tips .

Weller WTCPN Soldering station


And the Fluke 233 will replace my old Fluke 87.  The 87 has been a great meter but it is even older than my soldering iron.  I have the original version that does not have capacitance measurement capability.  It will be interesting to try out the remote display capability on the 233 although I've read that it does use up the batteries quickly.  I wish that it would actually communicate with a remote computer but this is an older meter (not sure if any of the new ones have wireless capability).


All in all, Path II Programmable was a great experience.  Thanks Element14.