I did not anticipate that I would be in Hawaii for Pi Day this year.  Unfortunately, it's not for vacation but to do a service plan review for my 97 year old mother who is in an assisted living here in Honolulu.  I'm hoping that I'll get home to Oregon next week but with all of the Covid-19 issues nothing is certain anymore.  I have to admit that I'm surprised that I haven't seen any posts about Covid-19 on E14.  I guess that's a good thing - that means that the community hasn't been affected yet and that's not our focus anyway.


On a happier note, here is a rainbow in Manoa Valley (home of the University of Hawaii Rainbows) where I went to college.

Rainbow in Manoa Valley Hawaii


And my wife sent me a picture of a dusting of snow this morning on our back deck in Oregon.

Snow in Oregon


Happy Pi Day to everyone!