I recently received an email from Seeed Studio about a Kickstarter campaign that they're running for MARK (Make a Robot Kit).  The kit is targeted at teaching robotics in STEM education but it looks like it would also be a fun toy.  I've had bad experiences with Kickstarter before, but I've used a lot of product successfully from Seeed Studio.  The product is developed by TinkerGen which is Seeed's spinoff STEM Education company.  The kit uses the Kendryte K210 RISCV64 dual core SoC that is used in the Sipeed Maix series of boards which I've used.  It is programmable using the Codecraft graphical interface or the MaixPyIDE (MicroPython).  I thought this might be of interest to members of the community.  It is a bit expensive but has a lot of neat features.