Last week I received a couple of boxes from Newark that turned out to be the Multicomp Toolkit bundle that I won in the Holiday Special 20 competition - Thanks Tariq and Element14 !


One of the tools included was a USB oscilloscope MP720016-US  that's been road tested on Element14.


I'll have to admit that I'm one of those guys that does as much hardware work at my desk as I do on my workbench.  Probably because I don't have as organized a workbench as others have shown....


I thought the USB scope would be great for quick troubleshooting that wouldn't take up much space, and I have a few spare USB ports on the back of the computer.


I'm currently working on a project using UART communication between a couple of MCU boards, so I took the opportunity to take the scope for a spin.


I put the unit behind the monitor, so it ends up being quite handy without consuming space (I noticed that I should do some dusting ).



And here's a scope capture of the TX signal that shows accelerometer data being sent between MCUs.  The first MCU doesn't have WiFi or BLE, so I'm using the second MCU for communication and will probably also use it to drive a display.


Another useful prize!