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Adafruit FunHouse

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Apr 28, 2021
My wife's birthday and Mother's day are coming up shortly and I'd like to do an electronic gift since that's what she always sees me doing .  Unfortunately, I don't have much time available to build something.  I saw that Adafruit had a new product - the Adafruit FunHouse that they describe as a "WiFi Home Automation Development Board". The board is in the shape of a house with a color TFT display and 5 RGB LEDs on the front.  And it has connections for external sensors and PIR an ...

Bad Squirrel

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Apr 15, 2021
It's officially spring and like a good Oregonian, my wife has been planting some seeds to get starts for summer vegetables.  We've finally gotten a stretch of sunny days in the 70s (F) , so she put her seed pots on the front step to get the morning sun.  Yesterday she noticed that the dirt in the pots was disturbed and the seeds were missing.  She suspected that the local squirrels might have done it and I was surprised when she put out new seeds this morning without adding any pr ...

Pole to Pole badge

Posted by ralphjy Top Member Apr 9, 2021
Since E14 is all about gamification, I thought it would be appropriate to share a fitbit Pole-to-Pole badge that I just got.     And more appropriately to acknowledge what I think is an impressive design example - the fitbit One tracker.   My granddog, Lily,  just turned 7 years old last month.  When she was about 6 months old, my son got me a fitbit One for a birthday present.  I've used it non-stop since then.  Most of my mileage is from walks with Lily.& ...