I'd previously used a SparkFun RP2040 Micromod with a Big Display Carrier Board to try Luke Wren's Bit-Banged DVI RP2040 HDMI Display .


I saw that Adafruit had designed an inexpensive ($1.95) Breakout Board that would allow you to do this with any board that had the capability to drive the 4 differential signals required for DVI.  Adafruit DVI Breakout Board - For HDMI Source Devices .  Seemed like a fun thing to try with the RPi-Pico.


Here's a picture from the product page.


I started this post about a month ago when I received my DVI Breakout Board.  At that point, however, I couldn't get things to work.  The board had just come out and there wasn't a reference to how the demo was built.  I posted a query on the Adafruit Forum https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=179072&p=876269#p876269  and I just noticed today that there were a few follow up posts.  And they did add a picodvi-test.zip example file to the product page.


I discovered the cause of my problem - I needed to edit a configuration file.


An excerpt from the readme:

Anyway, thought I should finish trying this out.


Here is a picture of my setup:


Notice that I've added a jumper to provide 5V for using this with TVs (see the Forum discussion).


And here is my proof of life video:




So, $1.95 well spent.  I'll need to figure out how to use this in a project...