We're well into Element14's Summer of FPGAs: The Summer of FPGAs - Agenda .


Lots of great webinars, workshops, and Roadtests .


And Hackster.io is running the Big Xcellent Adventure with Xilinx: https://events.hackster.io/xcellent .  A nice way to present to present information in a game format - unfortunately I haven't won anything yet, but it does run all the way into next year.


There is also lots of activity in tinyML this summer.  Hackster.io is running tinyML webinars and the Eyes on the Edge Vision Challenge: https://www.hackster.io/contests/tinyml-vision in conjunction with the tinyML Foundation: https://www.tinyml.org .  I've been trying to get up to speed with tinyML using dev boards both with and without FPGAs.  There is so much interesting stuff to learn; I wish I had the time and energy to participate in all of these events, but it is clearly impossible.  I thought that this summer I would post about interesting hardware and software that I encounter on my tinyML journey.  I have to remind myself that - now that I am retired, I have the luxury of being able to explore the capabilities of the new technologies without the fear of failure.  I'm hoping that I can participate in the vision challenge, but hardware is hard to come by this summer as we have all experienced .