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Dynamo hub 5v usb charger

Posted by rctho Jan 8, 2018
I have some pics from last winter i thought i'd share from my dynamo hub 5v charger project. I finally got it to work but unfortunately it doesn't work well. i think i would have to ride across Canada to fully charge my phone. The output of the hub is 6v 3w if i remember correctly. the first version did not include a diode on the output that resulted in actually draining my phones batter when i rode. I was a lil' discouraged and put it on the back burner for a bit. I finally got it to work succe ...
I have seen these around on the internet for a while and now i could use one. scored a psu for free so of course, i took it apart. Seems pretty straight fwd. gonna wire it up tomorrow.     I'll post a pic of it when it's finished.   *Edited* I finished this thing up today. I even made some leads for my breadboard. I tested all the binding posts with a multimeter and they all have the expected output. there was a -12v wire buried in the psu but by the time i found it was over d ...

3D Printer

Posted by rctho Nov 29, 2017
I got a new toy that arrived today.     Someone suggested for the first few prints, to mod the printer and print a new dial and filament rack. Great suggestion considering i have no idea how to use this thing. Cant wait for filament to arrive! ...