Just wanted to let you all know about a new online circuit analysis tool called CircuitLab.


I have no commercial interest in this venture, and found it myself through a blog on tronixstuff, a google group that I am a member of.


CircuitLab is very usefull, it is browser based, so it does not matter what operating system you are running, as long as you have a browser that can access the site.


You can create an account, save your circuits, or browse other 'public' circuits, you can make your circuits public and share.


An excellent feature for me was the ability to quickly create excellent circuit sketches, and reports, without having to use 3 different programs.


I can see it is going to be an excellent educational tool too, you can create a group to experiment with different circuit ideas, the list of uses goes on, so I will leave it you to explore further.


go to CircuitLab and take a look for yourself.