I purchased a new board to experiment with, it's called a LattePanda.


Currently, I'm running windows 10 64-bit on it.  I purchased the 4G-64G version and the 7-inch display.

Here's a pic:


It runs at about 1.2A at 5V and I added heat sinks and 2 fans (one top, one bottom) so it stays nice and cool.

The cool thing about this board is that it has an atmel ATmega32 on board with the Arduino bootloader installed.

You can write code with the Arduino GUI or Windows Visual Studio and execute it to control the ATmega32 GPIO.

All the documentation is here:


I've got a lot of DAC software that won't run on Linux that I'm planning to test on this board.  I hope it stays in production for a while.

I was very disappointed when I read about the Intel Edison going away, I spent several hundred dollars on parts for the

greenhouse control system just for it to become obsolete.