Ok so I finally got some time to myself (difficult because I have 4 kids going on 5 under 7) to play around with this project.  I got my Uno out and my ebay-special 4 relay module.  I figured out how it works and what the little picture on the relay meant as far as which one is normally open and which one is normally closed. 

I have been reading up on different ways to get the Arduino to keep track of time and turn/off for long periods of time.  While doing this reading I am constantly being reminded of how little I acutally know about coding. 

I found this "Timer" library that seems to be pretty straight forward. 

A couple things I have always been confused about is the the concept of "returning" things.  When reading up on different functions and ways of doing things on Arduino people are always talking about something being "returned" and I have no idea what that means.  Also "ID", umm huh?  Also, this Timer library makes use of t.update or else it doesn't work.  What is being updated?  Am I just way over my head or are these easily explained to a noob like myself?