I just received my Seeed MotorBridge Cape for the BBG/BBB. It is all that humbug and more. I used some previously used software to make my servo turn but...dang! The servo did not turn like described in the instructions. I used GitHub.com to clone the software into my 2GB BBB with the Cape addition. I first used the BBG to make the servo turn but I had some type of complication. The complication was me of course. I did not fully understand how much power I had coming into the BBB/BBG at the time. 3.3v and 5v will not cut it when it comes to motors. "What would have thought this one up?"


Anyway, now I have to get a battery. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of battery to use or what type of resistors I should use to bring down the voltage from the battery?


If you do and you are willing to share, please send any recommendations. I am working now on making things go, go, go. I want to use my BBB/BBG to make a R/C Mower. I have this old engine and the mechanics are basically a snap but I am not as educated in the battery department. I will keep plugging at it and soon it will be a reality. For now, I will keep you in mind (the reader).


I will keep trying to relay info. when I can.






P.S. Geaux BBB/BBG!