I was making some ideas come to life on GitHub.com. The two major items were related to BBBW and BBGW w/ the newer Capes available.


I used the MotorCape to make some motors move and the LoadCape to make some loads (motors) move around. I am still working on the LoadCape software.


These are actually some nice Capes. I found them to be trying at first but when things fit, they fit. You can look at github.com/silver2row/motocape and github.com/silver2row/loadcape

if you get bored. Those two are WIP (works in progress).




If you are working w/ either Cape, I would like to get a bunch of feedback. I would like suggestions on ideas, how I might be able to change to suit other peoples' needs, and any

critiquing ideas would be helpful.






P.S. These are the look of the two different Capes. The Top Cape is the MotorCape.