Hey everyone!


The ShopCam project still has a lot of room for improvement.  However, we are moving on to other builds while still maintaining and improving the shop cam. Our produces plan to have a live schedule for us next week.  So we are working behind the scenes to get some of the kinks out.


There have been a lot of great suggestions and questions about the project over on YouTube.  There are so many places on the web to have conversations . . . I'm going to focus mainly on the conversation here at my blog and on the Element 14 page: < Episode 145: Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Shop Cam Episode >.  When we broadcast live, we will also have a chat embed next to the player, and I will be there to communicate with you in real time .


Thanks for your suggestions for improvement.  If you want to see more details about how we got it working, check out the Git Hub repository: < https://github.com/Technicus/ShopCam >.  I defiantly would like to implement some of the improvement suggestions when I get time.  We will also be rectifying problems as they arise, which we may call upon some of you in the community to help us solve.