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Update on the PSU Case.


Had a bit of fun in Fusion 360, sorted keyways for the two switches, radiused off some edges and, well, you'll see.



Unnecessary but . . . . what the heck!




OK, it sorta looks ok. The cable can't reach the slot I left as the PSU is snug in the case.

Sorta worked


The two halves click together nicely - lucky as I forgot screw holes / threaded mounts . . .

A bit scruffy but . . .


BUT, and it's a major but. As I opted to decorate the lid with some logos I printed it face down.


The supports under / in and around the logos meant the upper surface of the lid WASN'T flat to the glass.


This doesn't look pretty AT ALL!


Worse still though, some detail is lost - or should I say - destroyed!


Ah! Oops!


Several hours of rework in Fusion 360 (and multiple program crashes as I tried to deal with HUUUGE numbers of triangles by trying to edit the meshes) I decided to sink the logos into the lid and create a brand new Pi logo (as this had tens of thousands of triangles where I imported the .stl file).


Hopefully it'll print better and, after the internal rework, fit better too!


Space has been left for an element14 logo too, once I get around to drawing that!



Hopefully . . .