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It's been around a week since the competition closed and I've made gradual progress in a couple of areas. Most of my time has been spent in front of Fusion 360 redesigning a PSU case.

Once that is complete I'll print it (and post the results here).


Things I didn't have lying around have been purchased from Maplin or eBay (eBay is cheap anyway, Maplin seems to be getting better at the moment - no idea why . . . . . . . . . .)!


Heatshrink - check, now I can sort those shonkily taped up mains power leads

DC Panel Sockets & Plugs - yup, now the 12V supplies to the screen and USB converter can be properly connected / disconnected as required

Switches, some salvaged and some bought - sorted! The screen can be powered without the Pi if required. And the 240V a.c. can be isolated

Heatsinks and thermal paste for the Linear Regulators I already have (LM317 on a heatsink should give a comfortable 2A) - Not decided if I'm going for switched preset voltages or a proper variable with a voltmeter

A nice strip of Veroboard also fell into my basket - perfect for simple transferral of breadboard to semi-permanent protoboard

New IEC (C13) cable mounted socket - to connect the power in to the PSU, the lead I originally hacked up to fit was such thin cable that it's fail if wiggled too much!

          Fatter core cable to be used and heatshrinked to the back of the mains C14 panel socket  


Some of the 'haul', including the Veroboard! Yay! Thanks Maplin - sorry I've not been around more . .


Shopping . . .

(The heatshrink is a little camera shy - I couldn't get him to pose for the photo)!




I also read at length whether heatsinks were required on the Pi3 - and I cam to the consensus that - for the sake of £1.49 delivered (UK Seler) - it wasn't worth NOT doing.

To improve things more, a 50mm fan was grabbed from Maplin (I've shopped more there in the last week than the last decade! Guilt maybe)?


I'd already considered this to be honest - the case I printed has the hole for the fan already.

Pi3 Heatsinks

Heatsinks on (didn't fit the lower - too big)

Case and Fan

Case lid with 50mm fan attached! Looks just fine but, theres something missing.


Something ridiculous and totally unnecessary!



Ahhh, that's better!


The fan shroud(?!) is a remix from Thingiverse - I removed the internal mount holes and gave it studs on the rear, now It clips into the fan mount holes.


The Fan Shroud


PSU Case so far (still in 3D and definitely a WIP).




That's all the updates so far, more to come and thanks for checking it out!