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Just a chance to add some final pictures (well, 'pre' final pictures really), before the 'actual' final pictures when the pesky PSU is done!


Once the assembly and soldering is completed then I'll move onto something more 'interesting'.


First, the failed Light Guide using plastic optical fibres!

The left 'top hat' was glued to the inside of the lid, the right hand LED shroud (radiused inside to perfectly match the curve of the 5mm LED) was shimmied up the fibres (within 1mm of the top hat) and glued in place.

Lid fitted and the shroud dropped over the LED perfectly,


Great, except the LED is so dim already that the photons barely make it through the diffused LED lense and really couldn't be arsed to wander up the fibres!

Result? A useless indicator that just doesn't . . . . . .

Some progressive pics of the hassle I had reworking the logos so they didn't print awfully!

Embossed versus de bossed  - hmmm, both have 'issues' - some worse than others!



Pre clean-up to remove all the remaining support material. It ain't perfect but it's a heap better.

(Plus I rarely stare at it from 2 inches away with a magnifying glass)!!



There were other issues where I played in my slicer settings and forgot to tell it to fill the gaps between walls! That looked dreadful!

There are pics of those issues but you've seen enough.


Heres one last one of the FINAL lid (kinda), but mid 'fibre-fit' before the LED was installed.



Thanks for for your continued patience and I'll post a better (different) update soon!!