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1) Picture advert exploiting Courseware mode on Tektronix TBS1202B-EDU

2) Cyberpunk distopian style teaser video

3) Project overview

4) Progress Update 1

5) Some thoughts on interfacing a small LCD

6) Adding Catalyst fire HD hardware driver

7) Testing Gizmo's Graphics Capailities

8) Finished installing Core Software plus 64bit upgrade

9) The Amiga Emulator

10) Launching applications without a desktop

11) Installing MAME multiple arcade machine emulator

12) interim post - using gpio

13) Concept artwork and final design for enclosure plus list of extra components, building materials and lots of late night chattering!

14) Adding and led lightchaser

15) Case build #1

16) Launching applications without a desktop

17) Progress update - final look at the case during construction

18) Disk activity monitor update