The past few days, I've been sketching up a few ideas for how the enclosure or console case should look. Yesterday was spent drawing up a finalised design and tweaking it a bit then working out the other electronic components that are going to be needed.


My original intention was to just post up some design pictures, but during a spell of insomnia last night, decided to do a quick video about it all. Its pretty long (about half an hour); I was in my own little world and full on natter mode at the same time.. I'll be surprised if anybody gets to the end of the video with all my chattering hah!!


There's some pictures below that I pulled out of the video for those who want a brief overview instead of being incessantly talked at!





A quick round up of whats going on..


Firstly the dimensions of Gizmo2 were sketched out as a starting point, Then using tracing paper, added an overlay to draw out a top down view of the enclosure to actual size. Another overlay placed on the top fills the design with colour.


Sometimes I do things in graphics packages on the computer but I also love to sit back and design things on paper too! I love using a compass and ruler / straight edge Euclidian style designing!!


After that, I went through the materials I had to make the case out of, mainly being 2 types of Aluminium composite (a sheet of polycarbonate sandwiched between 2 thin layers of aluminium) in black and brushed steel effect. Then some translucent orange acrylic sheet .


Extra components that are going to be used include:


- Espruino to fast prototype external logic

- I2C port expanders to control activity Led's

- Bar graph displays

- Red or Orange 16x2 character LCD (ive not decided on the final colour yet).

- plus a few other bits and bobs and ramblings!!!