So I've been working on getting the de0-nano fpga to control an 32x32 LED matrix display and struggled to get any expected output, so I switched to using a beaglebone black to try controlling in a way that I'd done with a previous display only to get the same results. See the picture below. I can light up different rows but only the first 16 LED's seem to light up reliably and only in green, sometimes the red ones blink on for a few seconds but thats all I can get.




Knowing that what I'd tried with the Beaglebone should work as it has done before I decided to look at the matrix display itself and decided the capacitors looked a bit yucky at the bottom (pic below) so decided to change them out for some fresh ones.




After I got the first one switched out, something caught my eye. One of the IC's has a hole going straight through the top of it into the die. Most of the IC's do have bubbles formed on the top of them due to the coating that covers the entire board but this is definitely a hole...




It looks like Im going to have to find another project for the de0-nano, though I will be ordering another one of these displays in the future. I bought this as a lot of 2 from ebay and the first one I used worked perfectly fine it really is a shame this one doesn't as I was looking forward to expanding on what I'd done with the first screen and displaying moving images