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Poll: What Does the Smart Grid Mean To You?

Define the 'Smart Grid.' I hear a pause. Can't do it? You are not alone.


The Smart grid means different things to different people. Some people think its about long overdue grid modernization of control and transmission assets. And other people think it's more than that. It involves the aforementioned things plus a bevy of IT-related and customer-service related (i.e., smart metering) implementations, an more. The latter is the total approach. We'll call it the IoT of electricity. So, what does the Smart Grid mean to you?


Poll Question: I've listed a number of "smart grid" innovations currently being built and/or implemented. Which one best typifies the term 'Smart Grid' to you.

Poll Results
  • Implementing a flywheel UPS instead of a conventional battery-based UPS for environmental and reliability benefits (0%)
  • Ensuring energy management efficiency through integrated information technology (14%)
  • Developing demand response technology to integrate intermittent renewable energy to the overall electric grid. (24%)
  • Constructing a microgrid that can switch in generators to the utility grid to ensure reliable onsite energy in remote areas (0%)
  • Developing grid flexibility to accommodate the variability of renewables (5%)
  • Implementing secure, wireless network for dedicated communication to residential electric meters (0%)
  • All of the above (10%)
  • Some of the above (48%)
  • I have a better example; please explain in comments (0%)


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