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This poll was archived on Jun 1, 2015.

Most Mind Blowing Project

Who won the Most Mind Blowing Project Award? Find out here.


We've had some amazing projects featured on element14 over the past 12 months. For this category, we've highlighted three projects that have stood out to us - the QiPi, harnessing the power of the Pi with batteries, the PiWriter aka the world's heaviest notebook and with a name like the MEGA_stick, this Arduino project was bound to be good. But we're not limiting you to just our three choices, if there is another project that appealed to you this year then vote via the 'Other' category and write the project name in the comments box.


Click on the links below to find out more on these exciting projects:


  1. QiPi submitted by Johnsocm:
  2. PiWriter submitted by Phillipe Cantin:
  3. The MEGA_Stick submitted by R_Phoenix:
Poll Results
  • QiPi by Johnsocm (63%)
  • PiWriter by Phillipe Cantin (14%)
  • The MEGA_Stick by R_Phoenix (23%)
  • Other - please leave a comment (0%)


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