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Would you Bake Your Own Raspberry Pi?

I like pie, maybe it's because I'm from Yorkshire in England.


There're a good number of different Raspberry Pi's available now, but I wonder would you bake your own?


With the Compute module you can kinda make your own Raspberry Pi, it has an additional board but it does mean you can just produce your own PCB and plug it in.


Or are you happy with the Raspberry Pi as it is, how would it be different if you're doing one project as opposed to many, many copies? Or maybe something else entirely.


You can now use the Raspberry Pi Customization Service if you want to bake your own Raspberry Pi!

Poll Results
  • Sure, I'll use the Pi Compute! (45%)

  • No way, I'm happy with the A/B/A+/B+/Pi 2 (45%)

  • I prefer cake, I'll comment below (10%)



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