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This poll ended on Dec 4, 2015.

2015 Community Awards: Future Technology Predictions

element14 Community Awards
Future Predictions

Your vote is your voice!


While we were gathering nominations for this year's element14 Community Awards, we talked with a host of industry leaders about what kinds of products and technologies will lead the way in 2016.


Do you agree with our forward thinkers' prediction on future tech? Vote today, and leave a comment to let us know your own predictions for 2016.


Make sure your vote is put to good use in our other awards, and let the tech world know what's important to you:

And don't forget that voting in all our Awards Polls earns you the brand new 2015 Voting Badge, and puts you in the running to win our Product of the Year.

Poll Results
  • Wireless Payments (12%)

  • micro:bit (12%)

  • Integrated Wi-Fi (31%)

  • Bio Hacking (45%)



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