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RE: What Do You Want?



I was asking what do you want because I want to find out what people want. I would really like to know. If you are the occasional MCU user who likes to use Linux Distros for your embedded device, great! What would you like to see happen in your Linux Distro or how would you like your embedded device to act to the distro? These questions are end questions but they can be used as a starter for an elongated summary of items we choose to want.


I ask and you tell. This is how it works.


Hopefully, we all have used a MCU, preferably a BeagleBone Black/Green or Launchpad, to service some type of configuration, i.e. whether it is sending off e-mails form a server online or a funny voice in command form that a robot can listen to.


Anyway, I hope everyone is willing to share and give some insight as to where we should all begin, where we all are now, and where we all plan to head in our lives behind these MCUs, the software, and different hardware.






P.S. If you get bored, you can look me up on this site or at a random site ( It is a fun site that I use to boast and brag about random things. Enjoy...

Poll Results
  • Would you want to learn how to install Linux on you MCU? (47%)
  • Would you like to learn how to configure system folders and directories on Linux? (7%)
  • Would you like to learn how to create robots for ordinary usage? (40%)
  • I would rather know nothing! (7%)


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