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Raspberry Pi 3 - Choose Our Next Design Challenge

NEW! Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
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Pi3Every year element14 sponsors a Raspberry Pi Design Challenge - we've Rocked our Pi,  Sci-Fi-ed our Pi's and asked our members to Forget Me Not!  See previous>


Now we have a new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to create the 2016 Design Challenge here. Why join?


What Challenges of our modern life can be addressed by a Raspberry Pi with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technologies?  What other great Pi accessories should be in The Kit for the Challengers? Let us know...


Here's some category ideas to get the conversation started. Simply look through the tabs below, and then vote for your favourite in the poll at the bottom, telling us why in the comments or submit your very own idea!


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Computer and video games are a wonderful way to connect people with a device like the Raspberry Pi. It's a conduit between a lifestyle tech we've all grown up with, and the exciting world of single board computer development. This Challenge would ask you to create a gaming project, whether it's a recreation of a classic console with a new twist, mapping a giant game of Donkey Kong onto the side of a building, creating a new type of controller/display/physical interaction or advancing geocaching gaming. As long as it's recreational and involves players scoring points, it's up to you.


Could you bring the gift of safe, clean water to disaster-affected communities?

Perhaps by safeguarding fresh water for aid organisations; enabling faster, cheaper purification or greater sized water storage.

Or, look in to improving submersible pumps with macerators to revolutionise or economise wastewater transportation?

Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things is much talked about and promises to enable huge companies to transform their operational efficiency by increasing production, exploiting intelligent technologies to fuel innovation and optimise labour forces and critical physical infrastructure.

Made up of a multitude of communications devices, IIoT can monitor, collect, exchange, analyse and change the behaviour of a critical environment to reduce the breakdown of machinery and schedule routine and emergency maintenance before the worst potentially happens.

Whether you have small or medium-sized manufacturing at the forefront of your mind, you could build an environmental monitoring system to change the air conditioning within a small food production plant or direction and speed of conveyors within a small distribution/parcel business...

IoT for Pets

How could IoT for man's best friends change them? More and more products are being designed to track animals so that we can understand them better and monitor their fitness.

Wearable Tech for dogs or even wild animals in expansive national parks and reserves is increasing in popularity. What do you think should come next after the FitBit Collar, WUF and the FitBark?

IoT Gateway for Home Automation

How can a Raspberry Pi 3 be paired with other home devices to connect and automate your home?

The kitchen is already a hive of technological invention, so why not innovate in the kitchen to brew your coffee at a different time every morning, switch your lights on when you are away on holiday or operate your garage doors on demand - simply, automate your most important room and daily activities for a fraction of the cost of pricey app subscriptions perhaps?


Finding new ways for us to shop and spend money is a powerful driving force behind new technologies, and there are many of us who happily embrace any new innovation when it comes to improving, refining, speeding up or even eliminating the shopping experience.  Large merchants have access to a variety of technologies to help them get more customers and sell more goods.

What about smaller retailers - how can the Raspberry Pi help them compete in the exciting world of retail?

UpcyclingDIY electronics upcycling is a creative and responsible way to dispose of and re-purpose defunct kit and save money. What's bits do you have on your bench and laying around in redundant assemblies that you can strip bare and partner up with a Raspberry Pi 3? It could be quite simply anything to do anything that is personal to you and appealing to other friendly upcyclers!



What other electronics theme could you find a home for one our very sought after Raspberry Pi 3's? Be one of the first to get your hands on one if your idea wow's the crew here at element14!


You never know if you enter the next Raspberry Pi Challenge when announced - perhaps one of these - your idea might later inspire a real-life production product. 


Cast your votes and add your comments before 00:59 GMT 14th March, 2016.

Poll Results
  • Gaming (26%)

  • H20-Aid (3%)

  • Industrial IoT (14%)

  • IoT for Pets (7%)

  • IoT Gateway for Home Automation (38%)

  • Retailing (3%)

  • Upcycling (10%)



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