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The Future of Essentials Learning Modules

learningess.pngWith Essentials: Connectors II going live, comments on this new programme of learning modules have been echoing loudly in the element14 halls.


Thanks to your enthusiastic response to Connectors I. We've got big plans for Essentials, and naturally you're a significant part of them. We've been kicking a few ideas around for future Essentials learning modules with the Top Members, and now it's time to put them in front of you guys and get some feedback on topics before composing new modules.


At the minute we see Essentials as our 'learning technologies' modules; and later this year we will be launching Masterclasses, our 'how to' technology implementation modules - more on these later.


So make your voice heard and vote on your favourite option from the following subjects, then we will start planning all that delicious content. And don't worry if your top choice doesn't win; none of these potential topics are off the table. It's more about prioritisation .


Tick the Essentials topic you'd like to learn about most - technologies OR product categories - and feel free to make as many other suggestions as you like in the comments section below too!


We'll be deciding on the next Essentials subject in the next couple of weeks, so don't delay, vote today!

Poll Results
  • Prototyping (basic selection - components, breadboards, veroboard, wires, beginner projects, etc) (9%)

  • PCBs (circuit boards, etching, printing, patterning, plating, assembly, laminates, substrates, etc) (8%)

  • Motors (types, drivers, phases, servos, controllers, power, steppers, gears, etc) (9%)

  • Microcontrollers (single board computers, embedded devices, system-on-a-chip, PICs, EPROMs, etc) (16%)

  • Sensors (motion, MEMs, environmental, force/pressure, audio/visual, touch, bio, chemical, etc) (10%)

  • Transistors (switches, amplifiers, tubes, NPN/PNP, FETs & MOSFETs, Darlington pairs, Scottkys, etc) (9%)

  • Soldering and or Other Tools (soldering irons, soldering stations, solder, solder paste, flow soldering, etc) (3%)

  • Test & Measurement (meters, probes, scopes, analysers, generators, counters, etc) (11%)

  • Power (bench tops, uninterruptible, circuit protection, fuses, high voltage, switch-mode, current limiting, AC/DC, etc) (5%)

  • Industrial Control (panels, interfaces, controls, sensors, diagnostics) (5%)

  • Robotics (essential parts, applications, software, sample projects) (15%)



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